Requiem for a Dexter

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dexthumbThis is something I noticed a long time ago, but had a hard time getting the footage together to make my point. In comes Youtube and After Effects and any idiot with an inane pop-culture observation can post something hacked together in minutes. So here’s this idiot’s observation. Aparently Darren Aronofsky’s uber violent and relentlessly bleak Requiem for a Dream has a lot of imagery in common with, you’re going to love this, a Dexter’s Laboratory episode called “Topped Off”. I shit you not. Both are about drug abuse (sort of), use split screens, quick montages, and silly sound effects. And, get this, the Dexter episode was released two whole years earlier.

It’s difficult to believe, I know, but take a look for yourself.

The split screen could have been seen as a total coincidence., but combined with the later montage it just sort of adds to the evidence. It’s not the murder weapon, but its the fingerprints. Funny to notice that in the first Requiem split screen the two characters are in bed, just like in Dexter. The montage’s are the smoking gun. Both are repetitive. Both show quick closeups of the drugs (heroin and coffee) being prepared, administered and the bodies’ reactions to them. And then characters go into a high speed frenzy of activity. All of this is accompanied by extremely zany sound effects in both films. Now I don’t want to make too big an accusation. Some times a good idea is a good idea and multiple people come up with it. And even if Aronofsky did take some queues from Dexter, he still directed the living frak out of Requiem, one of the most powerful films I’ve ever seen. It’s just an interesting theory.

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  1. Comment by Eric — Friday, 16 April, 2010 @ 19:43
  2. I do believe you are on to something.

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