Sneak Preview – The Pyramid

Posted by Mark 2000 | Process | Wednesday · 5 March · 2008 23:52 | 8,117 views

There have been a select few who have seen parts of my new Bad Monkey Portfolio site in action, but for the most part it’s been top secret. However, there are some bits that I find hard to contain. One such element was finished today. It’s a ruined pyramid from my contact section. I’m really proud of it because its one of the few geometric objects I’ve drawn completely by hand (I usually some get help from 3D software and then build on it). I’m posting it here because it’s probably going to be a relatively small object in the final composition, but here I’m showing it in all its full sized, detailed glory.
Neo Uxmal Pyramid

The inspiration for this structure is our recent trip to Mexico – the basis being the Temple of the Magician in Uxmal.