Mad Men a la UPA

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A few years ago Mad Men came out with a cartoon avatar generator that was supposed to make you and their cast look like designs from the 60’s. To me it looked like generic paper dolls. Certainly nothing like Mid-Century cartoon work. So I decided to take a crack at it.

J.J. Trek Taking Inspiration From Fan Works Again?

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We knew that four years ago Orci and Kurtzman credited a fan image of the Enterprise in a naval dry dock for inspiring scenes of the rebooted ship built on the ground in Iowa instead of in orbit as always assumed. It took me a few months of watching the trailers for Into Darkness to realize they may have gotten the idea for a falling and crashing star ship from another fan work: mine.

It’s not too big a stretch since Anthony Pascal of told me he knew the Star Trek producers as well as others at Paramount had seen my short and commented that it wasn’t done by them. I think it’s possible and I guess I would be honored if it was true. Note also the connie in mid-fall in the background on the top left of both images.

Just a reminder while you’re here: Make sure to drop by my new Trek based webcomic here. Like it on Facebook or follow the RSS feed to get instant updates.

Matt Smith

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doctor11 I don’t understand how a man with no teeth could become one of science fictions most prominent characters.

Twin Peaks

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One of my favorite shows. Belted these out all morning for some reason.

The creator and one of my all time favorite directors.

Agent Dale Cooper. Probably the weakest of the bunch. Handsome leading men are the toughest. They have the least interesting features.

The infamous Laura Palmer.

Her white haired father, Leland.

And the spirit that possessed him, BOB.

Dear Impossible Project, We Need to Talk…

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Impossible LogoAnyone who knows me personally has seen me devolve into a photo nut as of late. In the past year I’ve purchased sixteen different cameras – all but three film – and eight lenses. I can’t seem to stop. Film cameras are just gorgeous objects. They display well, they’re wife approved, and, now a days, they’re cheap. People are practically throwing them away. I’ve been shooting all kinds of film, from medium format to 35mm to half frame to stereoscopic. One of my favorites is instant which I use mostly for family portraits because it has a warm, antique feel to it. When I shoot instant film I shoot it on a Polaroid SX-70, and the only people who make film for that kind of camera anymore is a Dutch company called “The Impossible Project. More »

Disney Review – Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

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So begins a series I hope to complete on Disney’s large catalog of feature length animated films. I’ll be reviewing each one of them in no particular order on a number of levels using my experience as an animator, writer, and father. I’ll be examining the films on their artistic and historical merits as well as looking at how they fit into a post feminist culture and the messages they send to the children they are being marketed at so fiercely. More »

“The Internet You Need” Released

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Do you like soda? Do you think you could drink it every day? What if it came out of your pipes instead of water? Could you bathe in it? Wash your clothes in it? Keep your goldfish in it? Probably not. So why would you believe your Internet Service Provider when they say all you need out of the Internet is movies and music?

That’s the premise of “The Internet You Need”, a new and hilarious Net Neutrality movie and resource site that Media Alliance and I are releasing this week. So far the movie has had thousands of views on Youtube and New Grounds, and it’s been out only a few days. More »

Temptation Eyes – The Anatomy of Anime

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Once a year I do a pretty thorough guide on certain types of plastic surgery, its gender or ethnic ramifications, and its affects on the world of illustration and animation. How are artists influenced by popular body modifications to create what many of them refer to as “ideals”? My first article was on breast augmentation – how it suddenly redefined the shape of breasts in comic books. The second article dealt with female rhinoplasty and how femininity is often defined by a small nose. This article is going to hopefully settle a long standing argument in the animation community that has both plastic surgery and ethic implications – the use of large, round eyes by Japanese artists to depict Japanese characters in Manga and Anime. More »

Atheism in the Wizard of OZ

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Although L. Frank Baum insisted that his classic “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ” story was merely a modern fairy tale stripped of any unnecessary morality and lessons written for children who were already taught such things in school, historians claim there are many political undertones in the book. Of course, Baum also claimed he was attempting to remove the “horrors” and “blood-curdling incidents” of fairy tales and then included a chapter where hundreds viscous wolves and birds are brutally axed to death by the Tin Man with their rotting corpses lying in piles. So his public commentary on the book should be taken with a grain of salt. The 1939 movie – considered the definitive film version – was made 40 years later, and many of those claimed political icons would have meant as much to it’s audience as an “I Like Ike” button would mean to us today. There’s still a message in the film, mostly presented in dialog and scenes not in the book – one that takes the book’s theme of self reliance and pushes it deep into secular humanism and, perhaps, even atheism. More »

Super Awesome Run Cycles

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Just finished these two run cycles for the show opening for Angry Joe’s XBox review show. They are both animated frame by frame on ones at 15fps – no tweens used. I’m particularly proud of the cape on the top character.

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Steve Jobs in His Shorts

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Gizmodo inspired me to make this wallpaper yesterday. Then they were gracious enough to post it this morning. I’m such an attention whore. Click the image for the full size version. Go here to buy the shirt.

One More Space Girl

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Just finished this up. All in the shop. She’ll be the last for a little while as I’m up to my knees in actual, paying contracted work at the moment.

Two New Shirt Designs – “Space Girl” and “Embrace Diversity”

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I’ve got two new designs up in the shirt shop. One is from the successful “Klingon Propaganda” viral campaign I did in November and the other is the second in what will hopefully be a long line of astro pin ups.



New Shirt Shop Open. Art Prints Soon.

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work.4438312.1.fc,135x135,cremeI’ve got a new t-shirt shop open at They are an excellent printing service. I’m actually wearing one of their shirts right now: an American Apparel T with a very vibrant print. At checkout they let you pick the color of your shirt as well as the style (Men’s, Baby Doll, Long Sleeve, V-Neck). If you’re also looking for a shirt printing service I would highly recommend them over services like Cafepress or Zazzle. They sent me the wrong color once and, after I complained, they not only sent me the correct version but let me keep the original. Pain free customer service. They also print anything from post cards to 36″ posters, so I’ll be getting some wall art up for sale soon too.

Bad Monkey Studios Shop
@ RedBubble

Hot Wife

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Hey! My wife’s hot!

More Flash Video Export Headaches

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rendersizeI wanted, nay, needed to export a movie I was working on in 720p resolution. I thought I had everything ready to go. My project’s stage was not 1280×720, but it was a 16:9 ratio (711×400). My logic was, keep the stage small to save on memory and processor power while working and export to the larger size. All my content is vectors, so it should have scaled up smoothly just fine. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out that way. More »

Requiem for a Dexter

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dexthumbThis is something I noticed a long time ago, but had a hard time getting the footage together to make my point. In comes Youtube and After Effects and any idiot with an inane pop-culture observation can post something hacked together in minutes. So here’s this idiot’s observation. Aparently Darren Aronofsky’s uber violent and relentlessly bleak Requiem for a Dream has a lot of imagery in common with, you’re going to love this, a Dexter’s Laboratory episode called “Topped Off”. I shit you not. Both are about drug abuse (sort of), use split screens, quick montages, and silly sound effects. And, get this, the Dexter episode was released two whole years earlier. More »

Illustrator’s Blob Brush Tool: WTF?

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blob-brushAdobe Illustrator CS4 got a new tool that was recently brought to my attention. It’s called the Blob Brush and it acts just like the regular paintbrush except that it creates fills instead of lines. You can adjust the brush to be pressure and tilt sensitive, change its shape, and tweak its smoothness and fidelity just like the regular paintbrush. The fills that you draw on the same layer all merge together into one über-shape that makes it easier than ever to click fill with the decade old and mostly useless – until now – Live Paint Tool. Basically it does exactly what Flash’s paintbrush has been doing all along but with beautiful line clarity of Illustrator’s original paintbrush tool. So the question is, if Adobe can create a sweet new brush that makes fill shapes and remains true to the user’s intent why can’t it add it to Flash as well? WTF Adobe?
More »

Alien Soldier Concept

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Here’s a concept for an alien aggressor in the current series I’m working on for ISIS. We’re on episode 3 (Episode 2 is in post production and will be posted soon) and I needed a group of unique creatures to attack one of the main characters. He’s mostly an original concept (especially the breathing apparatus) with some body structure and outfit cues from Niven’s Kzinti.

Flash CS4 10.02 – Update Now!

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adobeupdaterLet’s face it, Flash CS4’s performance sucks whether you’re dealing with a misinterpreted CS3 file or you just have too much stuff on screen at once. I noted in my CS4 review that several seconds could be spent staring at a spinning beachball by just moving from one spot on the timeline to another. Scrubbing complex scenes could prove completely impossible even if it performed well in CS3. Well, how’d you like to know that most if not all of your CS4 performance issues completely disappear with Adobe’s 10.02 update – downloadable here. More details on this update and my impressions after the jump. More »